Specialists in leisure, hospitality and night time economy management.

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Cultural support and placemaking

Project management and grant writing

The diverse range of projects we deliver within the ENTE sector has increasingly found us working with the cultural sector too. This has led to us expanding our hand-picked team to include strategic and project specialists from within the sector so we can best serve all of our clients.

During the pandemic we worked with 59 clients to support their bid applications for the Culture Recovery Funds rounds 1-3, securing a total of £10.5 million of crucial funding for these organisations, giving them a chance to survive the greatest business challenge since the 1940s.

The cultural sector has been recognised as a driving force behind local and regional economies for some years now, acting as a key generator of footfall and character location. But as an industry that doesn’t work in the same way as many agencies are used to, in many parts of the UK, it receives less support. This is something we would like to rectify. 

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