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UNESCO Global Geoparks

Brand strategy

Six Till Six strategy lead David Randall and Culture consultant Jayne West led on developing a joined up brand message to encourage sustainable tourism to the network of UNESCO Global Geoparks (currently 177), supported by projects officer Isaac Heatlie who was on his university placement year at the time. This activity supported the work of the network to promote education about our planet’s conservation.

The brand also celebrates the link between the land and local people, products and culture as a key strength of the Geoparks, telling the story of how the Earth shapes our lives, past, present and future. The project was delivered in four main stages: 

Stage 1: Research with Geoparks

The first stage of this project involved speaking to the Geoparks themselves, to find out what values they felt should drive the brand and how it should be used.

Stage 2: Stakeholder workshops

In the second stage all Geoparks were invited to hold workshops with their local partners: the very people and businesses with a direct stake in the future success of the brand.

Stage 3: Brand Report

Based on findings from stages 1 and 2, plus research into key tourism trends, this report identifies the brand characteristics and how it should be used.

Stage 4: Action Plan

The final stage of this project recommended a plan of action to implement the brand: actions to be driven from the centre to support the wider promotion of the network.

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